Frequently Asked Questions
LAZLO! The Cat

"What is snorch?"

snorch is a production company started by Hutz & Tovic, with the intention of making low-budget cartoons. We are currently developing two animated series. While "snorch" refers to the creative partnership between Hutz & Tovic, we work in close affiliation with a number of artists/friends, including SOLDEV (3D), double_hash (DOP), Crab Man (voice acting), Myrrhman (tech/coolstuff) and MGF Audio (sound engineering).

"What is Deluxe City?"

Deluxe City is an ever-expanding cartoon universe created and administered by Hutz & Tovic. Everything from "video deathpit" onwards takes place in (or is related to) the Deluxe City universe. Aside from it being a fictional location, the term can also be used to refer to the hybrid cartoon aesthetic developed by Hutz & Tovic.

"What is video deathpit?"

video deathpit (currently a work-in-progress) is the first animated series by Hutz & Tovic, and the first work to be set in the Deluxe City universe. When completed and assembled into its final form, video deathpit will be presented as an anthology series about the final analogue television transmission in Deluxe City - the night before their permanent transition to digital.

"Who is LAZLO?"

LAZLO - depicted in cartoon form as a one-eyed pink sphinx cat - is a prominent figure in the Deluxe City universe. LAZLO was one of the many creatures in the childrens' collectible craze "KOOLMONSTAH!", but due to his unusual popularity, he was spun off into his own television show/product line. Despite his show ending in 1998, LAZLO has been kept alive by the obnoxious nostalgia of the generation that remembers him (now in their thirties), and is also enjoyed as a kind of ironic joke by the younger generations of Deluxe City, who have turned his market dominance into a kind of subversive counterculture. It is implied in video deathpit that LAZLO's over-saturation has actually caused some level of sentience to develop in the collective memory of the public, in which LAZLO is literally stuck in a purgatory of nostalgia that he wishes to be freed from. Outside of Deluxe City, LAZLO is effectively Hutz's signature. TRIVIA: Strange as it sounds, LAZLO's character design was hallucinated by Hutz after having an operation.

"What happened to Bonnerland?"

There's a link on my home page to it. I'll always have a fondness for it and the memories of making it, but you know, you gotta move on and create your own thing. Happy for it to be a word-of-mouth discovery for people, and I'm very thankful for the community it has created.

"Who is Hutz?"

Nice Australian guy, chosen by the great one-eyed sphinx to manifest Deluxe City into existence. If you want to get in touch about a project, feel free to email me at contact @ snorch DOT rip. I'm pretty busy lately, but am always interested in new opportunities (especially album covers. I will always prioritise those.)